DIY Car Wash Bay

Madwax DIY Car Wash – Bays

Madwax has 4 DIY self-service wash bays and each bay consists of wash wand and brush.

Pre-soak (low pressure)

Use the pre-soak to loosen up dust and dirt prior to washing.
This also saves precious water for your wash, and given time to soak in, will remove most of the stubborn bugs and grime when you then use the high-pressure soap or high-pressure rinse.

Engine & Tyre Cleaner

The tyre and engine cleaner are exactly that, use it to degrease your engine bay and remove unsightly brake dust from your wheels for cars and motor bikes if you’re unsure please test a small patch on an inconspicuous spot.

High Pressure Soap

Our high-pressure soap is an excellent product to remove the most stubborn bugs and grime. Delivered at 1000psi, this soap is versatile and can be used for all your cleaning applications.

High Pressure Rinse

Use this to wash of all your soaps prior to finishing.

Foaming Brush

Use the foam brush to scrub the car. Ensure you give the brush a rinse before using. You never know who has used it before you. We have never had any complaints about scratching, however, we urge you to use caution and give it a rinse!
Also, be careful about using the brush without the foam flowing, the foam serves two purposes in flushing the surface of your car from dirt, so no foam you could be scratching your car with your own dirt, and secondly it lubricates the brush head keeping them in service longer.

Speed Bead Wax

As the name suggests, it will wax your car to keep your shine for longer. Regular application will also protect your paint from the harsh Goldfields sun and dust.

Spot Free Rinse

This is the purest water available in Kalgoorlie and is made on-site with our reserve osmosis machine. Use this as a final rinse before driving off, and your car will dry with no spots.


Madwax have 4 Vacuum cleaners located at the rear of the property.
One of the vacuum cleaners is a combination vacuum/fragrance machine.

When finished, please ensure all rubbish has been put in the bins provided, and that you have rolled the hoses up off the floor. This prevents damage to the hoses from other vehicles.

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Madwax Car Wash is at 446-450 Hannan St, right next door to BP in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia