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Madwax Car Wash Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Madwax Car Wash of Kalgoorlie-Boulder carries a proud reputation of bringing the most effective and safest technology in the field to our customers.

Currently, we use the tried and true WashTec with the Touch Free Option. Later this year, Madwax Car Wash will bring our customers another exciting option, the ACE Car Wash System, installed by Australian Car Wash Equipment. Once you experience the ease, efficiency, and peace of mind that comes with our current and future touchless systems, you will never go back to your old-school car wash.

Remember washing the car in the driveway with your dad? Rinsing the car three times, soaping the car down, straining to scrub every corner while the old sun beat down on you?

Doing the job at home saves money, or so you thought. While an inexpensive car wash uses around 30 to 40 litres of water per vehicle wash, your hose and bucket system consumes over five times more as you spend almost an hour getting the job done. Our touchless car wash system saves money in the long run while conserving the two precious resources of water and your time.

Today’s WashTec System at Madwax Car Wash Kalgoorlie-Boulder gives you more than just a few high-pressure hoses.

WashTec relies on five decades of car washing expertise, their innovation producing more than 800 patents. Its innovative high-pressure turbo nozzle technology gives customers the option to get their car clean with no solid surface touching it.

While we love our current system, we cannot wait until our customers can try out the ACE Car Wash System, coming soon to Madwax Car Wash in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

It uses Smart 360 technology to respond to every unique situation within the bay.

The ACE Car Wash System will think, react and give you an almost perfectly clean car every time.

The ACE system also offers magic colour polish shampoo, soft water with crystal wax coat, a unique fast dry process, and much more! The crystal coating will give layers of protection against almost anything that wild Western Australia can throw against the surface of your car.

All this comes with the peace of mind that comes with touch-free car wash equipment. Stay worry-free knowing that no brushes or other equipment come near your car to potentially scratch the paint. Old-school car washes always carried that risk, but the WashTec and the soon-to-be installed ACE Car Wash System takes the peace of mind of touch-free and combines it with 21st century technology that cleans as precisely as old-fashioned brush washes, but without the scratching. Also, no more worrying about getting your car properly on the tracks.

We here at Madwax Car Wash Kalgoorlie-Boulder want to share our excitement about our touch free process. Certainly, our old friends should come down and give the system a try, but we also want to welcome new customers.

Come down to Madwax Car Wash in Kalgoorlie Boulder and try the touch free system that will give you the best automatic car wash your vehicle has have ever had.

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Madwax Car Wash is at 446-450 Hannan St, right next door to BP in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia